Official Southern Maryland FIlm Festival Selections for 2018

Copyright © 2018  The Southern Maryland Film Festival


Drew Larson


A dark comedy about a stressed college student who overhears the myth that if your roommate dies you receive a 4.0.

Away from the Grasslands

Khalid Ali


Away From The Grasslands is an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the ethnic Mongolian band, Hanggai, as they gather in Beijing, China to record their new album, Back to You.

Chemicals, Like God

Matthew & Kat Roe & Parker


The world of addiction is explored through a surrealistic landscape encompassing the tribulations of two different individuals.

Crossing Out Heather

Andrew Skidmore


A 23 year old misguided woman named Heather tries to make ends meet by 'borrowing' things she doesn't return. After settling a debt with one creditor, she crosses the line with a more dangerous one, putting her family at risk. In an attempt to settle the score once and for all, she'll have to rely on her street smarts to get even before her crime streak catches up with her.

God Bless the County Life

Alex David


A melodic, parodic, and patriotic tribute to life in St. Mary's County.

Great Mills Strong

Ed Winson Delmoro


In a time of tragedy, the community surrounding Great Mills High School comes together to show their love and support to the students and staff. The outpouring of love has helped in the process of transitioning and healing to those who were affected. These are just some of the ways the community has showed their support.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

John Heyn, Jeff Krulik

17:00 A look at the wild scene outside a Judas Priest concert at the Capital Centre in 1986.

I Like Me  

Joshua Land


In the midst of family tensions, an egocentric free spirit who hits rock bottom finds unexpected success as a self-empowerment guru after publishing a self-help book.

In a Tree Full of Rain

Zak Seidman


A random musing from the minds of Unicorn Propaganda.

In Passing

Bittnarie Shin


Sci-fi romance between elderly ex-lovers brought back together when their mutual friend passes away. 

Invisible Man

Courtney Stanley


Invisible Man is a modern-day adaptation of the classic book Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Invisible Man follows a young black man (who is unnamed) who sees himself as invisible to society. A shooting of a young black teen prompts the 'Invisible Man' to break his invisibility and try to get involved in activism. So he joins an activism group known as 'The Brotherhood' and as he is working with them, he discovers that they are involved in money fraud. The Invisible Man decides to create his own platform and expose the Brotherhood for their acts. Throughout the movie, the Invisible Man becomes confident in his invisibility and decides to use it for positive change.

Memories of Leonardtown

Kennedy Abell


A recollection of memories illustrated through drawings of Leonardtown from decades past.

Mix and Match Mess

Bill Stea


In this silent film, a case of mistaken identity leads the police to look for a supposed book thief.

Neil Diamond Parking Lot

John Heyn, Jeff Krulik


Meet the diehard fans of Neil Diamond in the parking lot of his concert outside of the Capital Centre in 1997.

Nostalgia Goggles: The Nostalgia Critic Story 

Omar Ahmed


A documentary on the popular online movie review show, 'Nostalgia Critic,' covering the history and growth of the show as well as its impact on those involved.

Not on My Watch

Nick Kootsikas


A thief gets in over his head when he tries to fix his life problems with a time traveling pocket watch.


Ashley-Phoenix Tyson


A group of friends play a mysterious board game in a library after closing, with terrifying results.

Rubicon; or the Killing of the Last Unicorn 

Christopher Hogue


On his first day returning to work, a young man struggles with the initial guilt of accidentally killing the last living unicorn in the world.


Chad Eric Smith


A heartbroken man travels into the past for a second chance at a failed relationship.

A Simpler Way

Michael Snyder


'A Simpler Way’ tells the story of four students from Frostburg State University as they journey to a remote village in Uganda to discover a radically simple solution to an urgent global problem.

Southern Sustainability

Erin McGoff


Fighting climate change, creating blue collar jobs and making profits: pick three. How this sustainable Richmond, VA startup is disrupting a six billion dollar industry.

Space Wizards

Nick Kootsikas


Three Jedi track two bounty hunters to a planet teeming with dark force energy while searching for a Sith lord.

Supernatural Parody

Brent Morgan


Two characters are tasked to hunt a monster.

Sweet Dreams

Louis Bose, Annalise Woolford


A student suddenly finds himself in a dream world fighting for his life.

The Cable Guy

Rebecca Burnett


A couple struggle with gender stereotyping when they call for a cable guy and are faced with awkward and unexpected situations.


Sean Mullen


John, an avid fly fisherman, and his girlfriend, Sarah, are intercepted by two desperate, small-time bank robbers, who had just escaped a failed heist. An otherwise relaxing vacation turns into a nightmare when the robbers aren't in the mood for witnesses.

Victory Remembered: Legacy of the Black Devils

Les Owen


The FSSF was a secret Allied commando unit during WWII which came to be known as the Black Devils, the name given them by their terrified German enemy. In 2014 vets, and their families, returned to the European battle grounds and cemeteries 70 years after the war. The film explores their historic origins, brutal training for a secret mission, and legendary battle experiences through interviews with the veterans and descendants, archival footage and on location shooting in Montana, where they trained, as well as Italy and France and culminates in the unit being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2015.